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Create, compress and restore an image of a hard drive with SelfImage
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Kurt Fitzner

Selfimage is an open source hard drive imaging utility that can create, compress and restore an image of a hard drive or partition. This is useful for backing up a hard drive as well as restoring it to an earlier state. SelfImage is capable of creating images of both entire drives and individual files, saving them under IMG format. The Input section, just like the Output one, allows adding both files and entire drives and, besides this, it can also let you assign a place on the network (via Network Block Device server). The procedure is simple in either cases as all you have to do is to browse to the desired location and select the information.

The Processing section is not handled with much effort either, because your only options are to compress the resulting image to GZIP or BZIP2 or to let the software turn the files into plain IMG files. The Output section is to be used when defining the storage location for the image. It should also work when restoring an image to a partition.

Configuring the application is not hard and it really comes with a handful of settings, like notifying the user when new updates are available, warning when writing to a partition, skipping the free space on a volume, setting the NBD (Network Block Device) timeout (in milliseconds) and the size of the transaction, or choosing the desired compression settings (number of processing threads, GZIP compression level and chunk size).

Daniel Mantilla
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  • very easy to use


  • Restoring an image has to be done on the original drive, otherwise the operation will end with an error
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